I'm Aidan, Engage Creative's new apprentice. I'm currently in the first year of my apprenticeship and I'm learning the print trade inside and out. I have a great passion for media, as in high school I was in the only textiles class, and in school and college, I studied level 1 and 2 in media. Over the past two years I've not been able to pursue my career goals due to some setbacks, but I'm more then excited to start with the great team at Engage. 


My hobbies consist of keeping myself in good shape (I'm not any good at it but I'm trying) This year I've also decided to pursue my ambitions of learning the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (once again I'm not very good, but I'm trying my best.) I also quite fancy myself as the next Messi, doing five-a-side games every Sunday to try and keep my cardio up.


I do look forward to expanding my knowledge of this trade, while the company expands alongside me, and I do look forward to meeting some amazing people along the way, and making some unforgettable memories.