Motion graphics and video can be a highly effective way to grab a viewer's attention and to sustain their engagement long enough to provide a message.

Our client T-T Pumps had an exciting new and advanced monitoring system to provide 24/7 live status and alarm activation for pumping stations.

Engage was chosen to build a marketing animation that showcased the benefits of Seer Monitoring, we worked closely with the team at T-T to fine tune and convey the message, which incorporated a voice over that could broadcast across social media and email marketing channels, as well as integrate into their website and link up to more technical aspects of this exciting new product.

This is a project we’re rather proud of, which allowed us to cover new ground with our animation capabilities.


What our

"The team at Engage Creative seamlessly combined technical know-how with cutting-edge design to deliver a project that exceeded our expectations. Their ability to collaborate closely with us and deliver results with lightning speed truly sets them apart."
- Lloyd Swale - TT Pumps

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